Unknown Date – 2

you’re a message in a bottle
just drift away into the unknown
just away from me

the whispers of the sea
are crashing and roaring
as the emotion feels so raw

you’ll find a new land
a place where you belong
instead of drifting

but the message inside stays dry
like your undamaged heart and mind
the outside is tattered
yet what is inside is the treasure

it’s floating away
away from me
i’m lost in confusion
the best thing I received is slipping away

the waves have a mind of their own
they take away who they want, what they find
no longer a beautiful sight
it’s the crowd of people that lead you aside

they’ll drown you and fill your lungs with poison
you shall not survive
but with me i’ll give you oxygen and kisses that shall linger into
your heart
your mind
and pride

please don’t be deceived by the ocean
stay on land where it is dry and safe
the waves will carry you into nothing
and trust me please
i’ll always stay the same

high tide
low tide
crashing then calm
what about the rain?
since when do you feel warm?

on land it’s dry
there is shelter from the breeze
the rain will never harm you
as long as you stay with me

just stay where you know there will be
who you trust
who you love

who trusts you?
who loves you?
it’s the land, it’s safe
it’s the girl, whose heart is carried away
in the message of that bottle
still beating
yet slower
as you drift



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