20th May, 2016 – 12:22am

lust to be alone
create a sullen home
set up a swing in the sky
mind enslaving itself to ideas of blank canvases
perfection, a slave
to the mind’s awful game
confidence undermined with fear
fear for love
fear my plight
the strangers kiss the stars goodnight
dead tonight
head alight
that star’s too bright!
you disillusioned life
she died too long ago
you missed the flashing lights
that starry beautiful night
distracted from the darkness
the stars distract the time
the light deceives the mind
they’re all dead
whisper it to the ground
confuse the night
change it’s mind
confuse the words
dance over the skies of sound
the ‘dead’ dreams of mine are alive
exploring illusions of perfection
how enslaved to the sky shall I be?
fakery, hanging upon belief
understand things for me
whisper your soul to the night
whisper it to me tonight.


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