Unknown Date

-unknown, unfinished-

sometimes I wonder, is this all for nothing?
will my words ever mean something?
will my words impact a mind?
open up vaults, and release the inner kind?
will meaning be attached and memories made?
starting special things and foundations laid?
will my words be imprinted in memories?
quoted amongst friends and enemies?
and as I write I think,
openingΒ up my soul to the very brink,
‘does recognition mean my worth?’
the numbers on the screen tumble down to earth


*unfinished, and to be left as so*



once something is shattered it will not be replaced
that crumbled piece of paper will never be smooth again
your soul, once crushed, is gone
they say scars eventually heal and make you strong
but another mark on your body does not belong
the glass is shattered, it’s gone forever, not replaceable
just broken and lost
that’s your soul. it’s gone.
it’s gone.
those lines on your wrist don’t make you strong
just a reminder of all the crap that’s going on
and assurance that you still belong
in this world of living where you are not alive
your mind is dead and your life keeps going on, no evidence except for the pain which reminds you dear, you are afraid
and i know you are, yes we all are
but it flares up in you
the embers glow and the wind it blows and starts a fire within your heart once again
the water doesn’t put it out
but the pain is joy as you are alive
and the hurt is feeling like you always have
and losing yourself in a world beyond, out the window,
daydreaming of a place with nothing to fear
just lose yourself and you’ll never be there
just your deceptive thoughts and the wishes they bring
have you ever seen a wish come true my friend?
they aren’t real like those shooting stars, so be gone with them
as your life

Unknown Date – 6

falling to your death from a plane
a beautiful tragedy which all looks the same
another bouquet of flowers to rot
another person who ‘cares’, truly not
tears falling freely from the sky
another day, another dismal life
falling, yet flying to a release
a life full of badness finally ends in peace
peace from those screams at night
the ones that hated you glorify you in light
does death really have to be the start
the start of love within their hearts?

Unknown Date – 3

i’m sitting in a room full of people
yet I feel alone
sorting through my memories
of things I never brought home

they’re on a different planet
to what I feel inside
and the thoughts and dreams I possess
confuse their empty minds

they’re all prisoners to this world
slaving for something they don’t deserve
worshipping imperfect human kind
what is their motive in life?

Unknown Date – 2

you’re a message in a bottle
just drift away into the unknown
just away from me

the whispers of the sea
are crashing and roaring
as the emotion feels so raw

you’ll find a new land
a place where you belong
instead of drifting

but the message inside stays dry
like your undamaged heart and mind
the outside is tattered
yet what is inside is the treasure

it’s floating away
away from me
i’m lost in confusion
the best thing I received is slipping away

the waves have a mind of their own
they take away who they want, what they find
no longer a beautiful sight
it’s the crowd of people that lead you aside

they’ll drown you and fill your lungs with poison
you shall not survive
but with me i’ll give you oxygen and kisses that shall linger into
your heart
your mind
and pride

please don’t be deceived by the ocean
stay on land where it is dry and safe
the waves will carry you into nothing
and trust me please
i’ll always stay the same

high tide
low tide
crashing then calm
what about the rain?
since when do you feel warm?

on land it’s dry
there is shelter from the breeze
the rain will never harm you
as long as you stay with me

just stay where you know there will be
who you trust
who you love

who trusts you?
who loves you?
it’s the land, it’s safe
it’s the girl, whose heart is carried away
in the message of that bottle
still beating
yet slower
as you drift

Unknown Date – 1

I need familiarity
and nights alone
to feel alive and free
I can’t deal with things alone
but I am always haunting your peace
oh dear help me

I’m so lost in a world far away
heading towards a future not replayed
and I lose myself in dreaming what I could be
how can I get there, without fire in me
without the peace of the sea
and the frailties in me