29th March, 2016 – 8.01pm

i’ve avoiding my thoughts for a while
the deep thinker inside has died
i need not fear my thoughts
they’re dead.
dead with time and soberness


15th February, 2017 – 5:36pm

you talk to stop the sound
of your own voice inside
clawing, bruising, teasing
underminingΒ ego and pride
it’s all a fickle act
simple, deceptive trickery
conquer the world alone
surrounded in a cloud of mystery.


Photography – @a_simple_light

15th June, 2015 – 12:12am

I wonder what it’s like to die
as your last breath shatters the room
did you feel the pain, did you drift away
like a carnival child’s balloon?

was it your destiny for us
to be crying and screaming at the sky
as your body laid limp in her arms
as I told my brother you’d died?

and the flowers surround the house
wilting away in our pain
for the sky is turning black
as I declare myself perfectly sane.